The internet has become one of the biggest communication platforms over the past decade. We use the internet to connect with different people from all over the world. People are bound to find someone they have chemistry with. Some may ask, “Is it normal to date online?” Having a relationship with someone online, in several ways, can be the same as having one in real life. It is possible to work things out on the internet but like any other relationships, dating someone online can have its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of online relationship

Through the internet, you can connect with people you never had a chance to before. If you’re someone who lacks confidence and doesn’t like talking to someone in public then the internet can be a good medium for you to communicate with people. Your nervousness will not be as apparent and obvious. It can also serve as an escape for people who can’t fully express themselves in the real world.

Since communicating online is mainly through writing, it gives you more time to form your thoughts and ideas, and think more clearly. If you ever made mistakes, you can easily go back and delete what you said.

Disadvantages of online relationship

Is it normal to date online for people are who into intimacy? It is possible but it can be difficult since skin ship and closeness cannot be fully achieved online.

Several people online can be fake personas and you can be easily lied to. It is necessary to use common sense in choosing who to connect. You need be careful about giving personal information like your full name, address and contact number. The information you send online can be used against you so caution is always necessary.

How to maintain online relationships

Is it normal to date online and make it work? Keeping a healthy online relationship can be hard but if you are committed to making it happen, it can be possible. Online relationships can be similar to a long distance one. There are several couples who proved that love can triumph over distance. If you think you have found the right person for you, the difficulties in maintaining may be worth it. Below are some of the things couples can consider to help their online relationship work.


An honest and open communication is a must in making your online relationship succeed. The way you communicate with each other can greatly affect your relationship. Online relationships involve lots of talking so it is easy to determine if you and your partner are emotionally and intellectually compatible with each other. There are different ways to connect. It can be through messaging, email and audio or video chat.

Honesty and Trust

Online relationships are very dependent upon honesty. If there are things that don’t satisfy you, be sure to speak up and be upfront about it. There is no reason for a relationship to continue if both of your hearts are not committed to it. Along with honesty, trust is also important. Online relationships lack closeness. It can be difficult to feel close to someone when you aren’t with them physically. During the times you don’t chat or talk, it can be hard to know where the other person is or what he or she is doing. This can lead to suspicion and mistrust. If you can’t trust your partner then it is not good to continue a relationship. Trust is a decision that you have to make with your partner.


Building boundaries, which you both are comfortable with, is necessary. All aspects of relationships need boundaries. How often you chat, what time to chat and what website or application use, are some of the things you need to discuss with you partner. If you cannot find a common answer then it might be good to think about your relationship and reconsider if it is really working out.


To make things more fun between you and your partner, doing something different once in a while can be helpful. Several online relationships become gradually weak when there is no spontaneity. You can send your partner emails during unusual and unexpected times. You can also try playing games together online or try to discuss news and articles that pique your interests. This can help the two of you discover more things about each other. If your into meet and fuck spontaneity you can use online dating sites specifically for that. Fuck buddies are looking for each other so don’t be shy!


It important for you to decide where your relationship is going or else one of you is bound to get bored. Having expectations about your relationship is beneficial for the both of you especially if you still haven’t seen each other in person. Just like any other relationships, both parties need to put in effort and commitment for it to work. Several things need to be considered. Most importantly you have to believe that it can happen if you plan on having a long term relationship.