Facebook is the most popular social media and many of the people are having account at the facebook. It is the best medium to share whatever comes to your mind and people can get more friends all over the world. In fact after the year stubborn facebook is finally testing animated gif for comments. This kind of the feature is only suitable for comments not for posts and many of the people are showing interest to this feature. Actually facebook will start this gif button testing and people can post this gif images like tenor and giphy as comments. It is enhancing your communication is easiest way. In a modern world many of the people are showing interest to the gif images. They are using it in the comments then surely you can improve your communication and people can also instantly increase their friends. Facebook is already designing this button but now they are testing whether the button is working or not. Once they are doing this test then this feature is available only on small percentages of the facebook user. If you are showing interest to this feature then they will provide to the all facebook user.

Features available in the facebook gif comments

Actually based on the Techchurch research says that facebook is already starting the gif testing so that people can download the gif from internet. Till now gif button feature is not released but people can copy and paste the gif URL in facebook messenger. Now a day many of the facebook users are waiting from this feature because it is interesting features in facebook. Actually gif button is allowing the people to use services which are including tenor and giphy for posting at gif. It is offering the flexible chat and now a day many of the people are sharing viral memes and videos in facebook. Facebook user can use some gif files as reply and if you are looking for gif source then tenor is the best place. Most of the facebook users are willing to use gif files because it is instantly describe your situation. This kind of the gif file is having features of auto play along with sound. In a present world most of the people are having facebook account and once you are getting this service then surely you can get excellent chatting experience. This button could be same fashion as in the facebook messenger so that is supporting the facebook users to browse trending. In fact February facebook is celebrated “reactions” first anniversary and it is recorded more than 300 billion reactions. It is the best platform to getting more fun because it is having more numbers of the reactions which is consisting of thumbs down emoji and so on. This feature is quiet similar to the how people are post GIF in the messenger. It is currently testing and after the gif testing people can get this feature. Now a day many of the people are looking to get this service and facebook user could obtain new design at the comments section.

Things to know about the gif button in facebook

Based on the facebook report, facebook gif testing is replacing the line text format and this feature could be supported for only iOS users. One of the studies says that more than 1.8 million users are having account at facebook and most of the users are already changing the core of app in facebook messenger. Facebook is testing the gif button then they will launch at this feature in only limited people like specified mobile users. In case facebook user is not satisfying with this service then they will drop this feature. However people love gif files because they can share their information either in image or video format. This feature is also available in the many of the instant messaging apps which are including iMessage, twitter, telegram and whatsapp. If you are surfing in online then people can know about this feature in detail. Mark Zuckerberg is not yet providing the information about gif testing button so people have to wait some other time to get this feature which is sufficient to understand this feature in depth.

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