There are many men that are not happy about size of their penis. If you are wondering about it you should get some detailed information regarding it. Size of penis really has connection with satisfied sex. There is no doubt about it but there is nothing to get guilty about it. Some men tend to feel inferior in sex and they don’t enjoy the pleasure as completely as they are mindful of the size of their penis during sex. As far as sex is concerned you should understand that unless your mind is full in to it, you will not get utmost satisfaction. More than the size of your penis or other penis or other issues related to it, your complex regarding such things will cease you from experiencing the best climax.

Feel free

If you want to enjoy sex, always relax and be happy. Whenever you are going to have sex, you should not have anything in mind except sex. Forget about usual clutches you have in the day to day life. Forget about any issues related to sex and keep your mind filled with sexual desires and thoughts. Have exuberant feeling about sex so that you will be able to involve deeply and you can attain enjoyable climax. There are many people that miss the real joy of sex due to various thoughts in their mind especially while having sex. Stop worrying about your penis size and start imagining about her body!!!

The major three considerations regarding penis enlargement are:

  • Pills
  • Extenders
  • Surgery

Most of the men who are looking forward to increase the size of penis will search online and finds different details regarding it. Do you know what will happen because of that? They will end up in confusion and will try to find which method is best. Internet is of course a best method but the fact is that you have to retrieve right information from it otherwise you will be confused.


These days there are many supplements to enhance penis. Numerous products are in the market for male enhancements from different brands. Those that get to know about the male enhancement pills try different pills based on reviews with expectation and hope. Needless to say, some of the male enhancement pills produce results but many such products don’t work.

Actually it does not happen overnight because it is a process hence it will take time. If you take such pills you have to follow prescribed pills so that you can get proper results otherwise you will not be able to see results. Most importantly, most of the male enhancement pills that produce results cause side effects also. No one will dare to be under medication and repercussions of side effects. Don’t waste money on pills. Don’t suffer pain.


Extenders or also called as stretchers used to enlarge penis. It will be attached to penis so that it can pull it to increase the size. This is quite common belief, that if a muscle is stretched for a long period of time then it will get stretched since the muscles will get extended. But it seems like a joke. It will not work; it is just to prepare the mind to believe that penis grew some inches using this. Waste of time and money. If it is success then people can use this to stretch their fingers and other parts of the body. Isn’t this funny!!!


One of the huge risks that a person takes regarding penis enhancement is surgery. It is a worst option and beware it is dangerous. It will not workout for sure and it is expensive also. Once it is done, the person should be at bed rest for a month at least and it will pain everytime you pee.

Bio chemical

This is the best and most successful way to increase penis size without any type of risks. Growth hormones create a chain which increases the size of the penis. This growth hormone is responsible for various pats of the body especially muscles. The growth happen due to nutrients and other essentials because of the chain formed by hormones. Once the person hits puberty, growth hormone secretion ceases and formation of chain is stopped eventually. Therefore bio chemicals reinitiate the release of growth hormones in the body and form the essential chain for growth.

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